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DSx86 v0.12 Released - Alastor - 05-09-2010

DSx86 is a PC emulator for Nintendo DS. It's purpose is to allow you to run old DOS games on your Nintendo DS game console.

Changes :
* New EGA 640x350x16 and VGA 640x480x16 graphics modes.
* The NDS shoulder buttons scroll the zoomed screen left/right (as before) when not already at the edge, and up/down after that.
* Fixed Master of Orion SB digital audio problems.
* Changed EGA text output to use INT43 vector (fixes text problems in Space Quest I, etc).
* Fixed EGA Read Mode 1 handling (DOUBOLO).
* Improved EGA palette handling (ZOOL).
* Fixed WC2 savegame handling, which was broken by the DUNE2 savegame handling fix. They call the same DOS function, but expect it to behave differently. Argh!
* Added support for INT03 (see previous blog post) and INTO (overflow interrupt).
* Implemented Mode-X VGA offset handling (Alien Breed, Traffic Department 2192).
* Implemented diskette motor counter handling to INT8 (should fix Civilization hang problem).
* Added about a dozen new EGA graphics opcodes.
* Added about a dozen new Mode-X graphics opcodes.
* Added support for several new DOS and Mouse interrupts.
* Added support for several new I/O ports.
* Added most of the previously missing characters to the 6x8 text mode font.
* Attempt to avoid writing duplicate entries to the debug log.
* Ignore SB Direct DAC output for now, pending proper implementation.