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Dapplegrey 2.9 Released
A graphical DOSBox frontend for Mac OS X

Changes :
# Improved handling of GUS sound setting - drivers are included now, so Gravis Ultrasound became an out-of-the-box runable option.
# A list of games supporting the Gravis Ultrasound can be found at,20/
# Imgmounting has been improved: Dapplegrey no longer force DOSBox or the user to mount disk images with its expected 8.3 shortened DOS name. Instead of, go to the Disk images dialogues of each game where you've added disk images and select 'Mount disk image files using its Macintosh native pathes', to let Dapplegrey pass its original Macintosh file names to DOSBox, including its complete path each.
# If you've connected disk images before, when opening an older games list with Dapplegrey version 2.9 the first time, a windows will appear where you'll be asked whether you want to change this mount method for all matching entries now.This new method is more compatible to file names not matching 8.3 naming conventions used by original DOS operating system.
# The previous used imgmount method, still available for historical reasons, mounts the containing folder to DOSBox first before finally mounting the requested disk images, which is the reason to force Dapplegrey to tell DOSBox the file's DOS expected name, which is big history now. When connecting disk images the first time now, mounting by its Macintosh path and name is pre-configured now.
[Image: 1913820.png]

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