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Boku no Natsuyasumi 4 - Boku to Himitsu no Chizu - UCJS10095
Boku no Natsuyasumi 4 - Setouchi Shounen Tanteidan, Boku to Himitsu no Chizu - UCJS10095
using r 2954
pauses at the very beginning then when you click run it then comes up with 3 developers screens then nothing but a black screen
here is the info logs

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 4.56 KB / Downloads: 127)
.zip (Size: 81.99 KB / Downloads: 114)
.zip   log (Size: 508.1 KB / Downloads: 117)
Can add gameid UCJS10095 in the topic ?
16:31:31 ERROR      hle - bn4_main - Unmapped import at 0x08A64DDC [0x432D8F5C] Module 'StdioForUser' - $a0=0x00000015 $a1=0x00000000 $a2=0x09FBF554
16:31:48 DEBUG compiler - bn4_main - CodeInstruction.compile    0x88D7D20 - lui        $a0, 0x08AB <=> li $a0, 0x08AB0000
16:31:48 DEBUG compiler - bn4_main - CodeInstruction.compile    0x88D7D24 - addiu      $a0, $a0, 13504
16:31:48 DEBUG compiler - bn4_main - CodeInstruction.compile    0x88D7D28 - addiu      $a1, $zr, 2 <=> li $a1, 2
16:31:48 DEBUG compiler - bn4_main - CodeInstruction.compile    0x88D7D2C - addu       $a2, $zr, $zr <=> li $a2, 0
16:31:48 DEBUG compiler - bn4_main - CodeInstruction.compile    0x88D7D30 - addu       $a3, $zr, $zr <=> li $a3, 0
16:31:48 DEBUG compiler - bn4_main - CodeInstruction.compile    0x88D7D34 - addu       $t0, $zr, $zr <=> li $t0, 0
16:31:48 DEBUG compiler - bn4_main - CodeInstruction.compile v  0x88D7D38 - bltz       $v0, 0x088D7DAC
16:31:48 DEBUG compiler - bn4_main - CodeInstruction.compile    0x88D7D3C - addu       $v1, $zr, $zr <=> li $v1, 0
16:31:48 DEBUG compiler - bn4_main - CodeInstruction.compile <  0x88D7D40 - jal        0x08A64F54 [sceKernelCreateMsgPipe]
The unmapped import and the MsgPipe with bufSize==0 should be implemented in r3036 and r3037.
Always include a complete log file at INFO level in your reports. Thanks! How to post a log
using r 3050
goes ingame now
can be moved to playable
just missing the voices
here is an info log

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.zip (Size: 168.95 KB / Downloads: 113)
This game was tested with revision c32400a. The audio plays correctly in videos and in cutscenes. As with the other games in the Boku no Natsuyasumi series, there are slowdowns in various sections of maps.

Attached Files
.zip   Log_rc32400a(64bit) (Size: 264.99 KB / Downloads: 109)

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