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MAME 0.142u4 Released
Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

Changes :


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04354: [Crash/Freeze] bigappg, casino5, dodge, slither, slithera,
ssingles: Heap corruption detected by VS2010 RTC (R. Belmont)
- 04350: [Graphics] buggyboy, buggyboyjr: Missing/corrupt graphics
(Alex Jackson)
- 04346: [Graphics] dangar, galivan and clones: Scrolling incorrectly
changes scene (Angelo Salese)

Source Changes
Removed deprecat.h usage for the following drivers: [Angelo Salese]
- galpanic.c, gradius3.c, halleys.c, hexion.c

Inputs from the scratch for Champion Poker (v100) [Roberto Fresca]

Cleaned-up protection simulation in Yam Yam!? [Angelo Salese]

Implemented an almost complete Konami k053252 device emulation, adds
accurate refresh rate timings and irq acks to many mid-90-era Konami
games [Angelo Salese, O.Galibert]

Various changes for PSX HW [smf]
- Modernised internal memory map;
- MDEC is now an internal device of the PlayStation CPU;
- Root counter & Serial I/O converted to internal CPU devices;
- Moved PlayStation IRQ code to sub device of the CPU;

Switch input ports to use function-based constructors instead of
tokens. Remove the old tokenizing helpers. Add basic classes for
ports, fields, settings, and dip locations as a first step. These will
be fully cleaned up later. Added machine() method to field to hide all
the necessary indirection. Changed custom/changed handlers into
generic read/write handlers, and added wrappers to convert them to
device read/write lines. [Aaron Giles]

Changed input read/write and crosshair callbacks into delegates.
Changed signature for callbacks to take an input_field_config
reference instead of pointer. [Aaron Giles]

Removed legacy trampolines from eeprom_device, taking advantage of new
input port support for delegates. [Aaron Giles]

mc6845.c: Converted to C++. [Wilbert Pol]

Fixed the disassembly of the "mov ax, mem" instructions (opcodes A0-
A3) in the i386 and NEC disassemblers. The argument (the memory
address) was being displayed as a signed number, which doesn't make
any sense. [Alex Jackson]

Fixed a tiny bug with the debugger hex dump command: the printable
characters in ASCII range from 32 to 12*6*, not 127. [Alex Jackson]

Fixed input regression with Racin' Force, allowing it to boot again
[Angelo Salese]

Gave labels to many inputs in Midway's T, Wolf and Y Unit games as
well as CPS1 and CPS3. [Joe Caporale]

Implemented experimental HLSL post-processing support on Direct3D 9
targets. [Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment]
* 5-pass post-processing: Upscale, Post-Process, Store Last Frame,
Defocus 1, Defocus 2
* Many tunable effects including: Scanlines, defocus, linear
deconvergence, radial deconvergence, pincushion, RGB colorspace
convolution, YIQ colorspace convolution, saturation, simulated dot
crawl, simulated chroma subsampling, aperture masking, and more.
* Requires a GPU that supports Shader Model 3.0 to be enabled and a
powerful GPU, the entire pipeline consists of approximately 30
texel fetches and approximately 230 arthimetic ops.
* Will supersample the framebuffer up to 9x in both X and Y, but this
requires an enormously powerful GPU that has not been invented;
users with Radeon 5000-class cards should limit themselves to 3x,
Radeon 4000 to 1.5x.
* The default configuration will NOT appear to do anything; it
requires tuning to the user's liking.
* Should nicely fall back in all cases except missing shaders, and it
might fall back correctly in that case as well. Report any
- For obvious reasons, the Direct3D8 renderer cannont support this.

Enable Visual Studio basic run-time checks in non-optimized builds
[Oliver Stoneberg]

Flush stderr, so the data is actually written when output is being
redirected [Oliver Stoneberg]

i286 - Added 286 LOADALL and triple fault resets. [Carl]

i286 - Added support for 16-bit protected mode far calls and segment
privilege checks. [Carl]

i86 - Fixed shift instructions, helps detecting proper CPU [Miodrag

i86 - Fixed handling of invalid instructions in 0x60-0x6f section
[Miodrag Milanovic]

Major clean-up and state machine conversion for the Sega ST-V / Saturn
driver [Angelo Salese]

HLSL Updates [Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment]
* Split color convolution and deconvergence into separate shaders for
potential GPU savings down the line
* Added light and heavy variants of the color convolution shader, the
former with YIQ colorspace removed
* Re-worked defocus to occur prior to shadow mask application, as it
would be on a real monitor.
* Split "pincushion" into "Pincushion" and "Screen Curvature", the
former affecting the only the displayed image and the latter only
affecting the shadow mask.
* Made major fixes to CVBS simulation, significantly increasing color
* Added magnet deconvergence via a shader uniform
* Improved phosphorescence
* Improved YIQ codec
* Added adjustable color carrier in YIQ processing mode.
* Fixed resolution-change crash and likely D3D performance regression
with -nohlsl on low-spec cards
* Created a new OSD function, osd_get_slider_list, which allows
OS-specific slider controls.

HLSL Post-Processing Updates: [Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment, cgwg]
* The defocus pass is now switched off when defocus_x and defocus_y
are zero, allowing finer-grained performance tuning.
* Removed YIQ convolution from the main color-convolution shader and
replaced it with a full composite encode/decode pass. This is slower,
but looks amazing(ly like a terrible TV) and can be turned off.
* More authentic NTSC dot crawl and bandwidth limiting.

i86 - Implemented POP CS and MOV CS,reg instructions that are 8086
specific [Miodrag Milanovic]

Implemented multi-cart support to ST-V driver [Angelo Salese, Tafoid]

Managed to get the multiplexer/state machine emulated, amongst some
watchdog fixes for BFM games. [J. Wallace]

Added missing bipolar PROM dumps to Lucky Lady (Wing) [Team Europe]

pic8259 - updated to be more according to documentation [Carl]

Initial frameworking for upcoming artwork updates [Mr. Do]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Doraemon no Eawase Montage (prototype)
[dopefishjustin, Smitdogg, Luca Elia, The Dumping Union]

New clones added
Champion Poker (v100) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Gunbarl (Japan, GNB4/VER.A) [The Dumping Union]
Amidar (Konami/1982) [Patrik Styrnell]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Baryon Future Assault [ Corrado Tomaselli, f205v, The Dumping Union]
Brixian [ Corrado Tomaselli, f205v, The Dumping Union]
Orbatak (prototype)
Popeye (20p/8 GBP Token) [J. Wallace]
[Image: 1913820.png]

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